Our company specializes in development of communication sector, road, building, hydro construction.  

“Our company creates intricate technological projects with the goal of enhancing people’s lives and promoting social and economic advancement in cities, nations, and areas.”

About Us

Welcome to Aarogya Construction Pvt. Ltd (Aarogya), your trusted partner in infrastructure development within the communication sector. Established in 2011 A.D in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Limited Liability Company of Nepal, Aarogya is committed to providing innovative solutions to the ever-expanding communication sector.

Our Vision:

Aarogya envisions contributing to the growth of communication infrastructure through excellence in construction, ensuring a seamless and reliable network for the future.

Core Activities:

Since our inception, Aarogya has actively engaged in various communication activities, including:

  • Underground Optical Fiber Laying
  • Overhead Fiber Laying
  • Optical Fiber Maintenance Works
  • Construction of Telecommunication Towers

Strengths: Despite being a relatively new entrant in the construction field, Aarogya stands out with:

  • Experienced Personnel
  • State-of-the-Art Plants and Equipment
  • Strong Financial and Technical Capacity

Strategic Alliances:

Aarogya has forged valuable partnerships with Swachchhanda Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd and Shanti Nirman Sewa (P.) Ltd., both esteemed “A” Class construction companies. Our collaboration under Swachchhanda-Aarogya JV and Shanti-Aarogya JV has allowed us to extend our expertise to telecommunication and civil construction projects.

Commitment to Quality:

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering high-quality services and solutions to our clients. Aarogya strives to exceed expectations through innovation, reliability, and excellence in every project we undertake.

Explore the synergy of expertise and dedication as we work towards shaping the future of telecommunication infrastructures. Partner with Aarogya Construction Pvt. Ltd for construction solutions that stand the test of time.

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“We develop highly complex technical projects geared to improving people’s quality of life,
powering social and economic development in cities, countries and regions..”